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Reliable and Sustainable Solutions in Electrical, Instrumentation & Control for Marine, Oil & Gas Industry.
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 Complete electrical distribution system design

Load and short circuit calculations

Sizing, selection and supply of cables and bus bars

Harmonic and thermography analysis

Variable frequency drives and other motor starting solutions

 Hazardous area installations

 Installation of all kinds of cable trays and supports

 Electrical Penetrations (MCT, comings, goose Necks, kick Pipes, glands Etc

 All Type Of Cable Installations (power, control, data, optical Fibre, Profibus, Can bus Etc

 All Types Of Cable Terminations (Power, control, H.V , Optical Fibre, profibus, can bus, co Axial, data Net Works Etc

 Installation and commissioning of Marine and industrial witch boards

 Installation and commissioning of group starter panels

 Complete Power And Lighting Distribution System

 Installation and commissioning of marine generators and diesel engines

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 Complete engineering and installation of process plants and logic controls

 Design and procurement of process instruments and transmitters

 Testing and calibration of all kinds of instruments

 Installation and testing of all kinds of instrument tubing for the valves and instruments

 Installation of all kinds of marine instrumentation automation systems

Instrument and control solutions

Power Generation And Propulsion Systems

DP and Joystick Systems

Steering Gear And Thruster controls

Marine Diesel Engines and Control Systems

Tank Gauging, Ballast Control And MDO Transfer Systems

Integrated automation system

Bilge alarm systems

Temperature, pressure and speed controls

Water Tight Sliding Doors, purifiers, incinerators, sewage Plants, ballast Treatment Systems

Electrical Engineering and Installations